Good Practices of House Construction

Good practices of house construction

The established and planned procedures followed in the construction industry to ensure the best outcome and profitability are thought of as the best construction methods. They can be a procedure, policy, or a complete process implemented for a specific duration. The best practices for one project might not be useful for another project. However, in the general sense, you can find standard methods that will improve the quality of any project when executed with utmost perfection. If we look back, over the course of a decade, the construction processes have evolved, new technologies were invented, and the method of procurement and project management has also been changed.


Top Business Methods for Construction


The practice of procurement includes:

  • Finding the most appropriate method for construction Management
  • Team Selection for the Best Team for the design
  • Selecting the most effective team to provide
  • Select the most effective team to operate the facility

Focusing on the lowest cost tendering as well as lump sum agreements is the best method. Below is a process diagram of an Integrated Project Team (IPT). It is a project life cycle that can be used for every project. The procurement procedure must adhere to the project’s life cycle.



If you compare it to the traditional working method, collaboration is a distinct working approach. It is a more collaborative method to work. It has been demonstrated by great projects that partnering can help achieve:

  • Money is more valuable
  • Better Profits for the company
  • Quality Improvement
  • Project completion prediction

The concept of partnership is currently an excellent element for the construction industry.


Risk Management

The risks in the project are always anticipated, and it is essential to keep a “risk record.” This allows you to record every risk faced at the beginning of the project until the completion. The approach utilized to manage the risk is documented as the risk is faced. This allows it to be utilized in future projects. Risk assessment and analysis can assist in assigning appropriate actions to each team in the project. Risk assessment is a process that must be carried out regularly and should never be omitted. It is important to set aside a certain amount of money for all risky items deemed to be risky. The expense of this item could be minimized by selecting the most effective solution to the issue facing you.



This technique is used by comparing other projects that have been completed. The projects’ performance is compared. The experience gained from each project is used to create the best performance in new initiatives. Benchmarking is an approach to improve the performance of the undertaking rationally and systematically. It answers the following questions:

  • Who has the best performance?
  • Why do they are more efficient?
  • What can you do to increase efficiency?

The process of benchmarking will concentrate on efforts to solve critical issues successfully.


Construction Supply Chain Management

In the field of construction, this phrase is brand-new. The processes of the companies are integrated and related to the production of a service. Therefore, it is analyzed from the initial manufacturer to the final consumer. Construction supply chain management involves analyzing data from:

  • Material
  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributors
  • Installation
  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • Organizations that serve clients

The management of supply chains aids by providing a chance to achieve cost savings and enhance value. This will allow the company to be more efficient throughout every supply chain step.


All Life Costs

In this instance, the expense of owning a property is measured for the building. It will consider the total of:

  • Initial Capital Cost for making the structure
  • Cost of maintaining the building

Maintenance costs for the building are usually higher than what was initially incurred as capital. This makes all-time costing a crucial aspect of construction. According to research that a building with a capital cost of PS100, the operating process will be PS500 throughout the construction life.


Health and Safety in Construction

The two most important criteria when looking at the health and safety in construction is that.

  • Workers have the right to be protected against risks and safeguard their health.
  • Effective management and planning for the building site in order to ensure safety, thereby increasing profits and productivity.
  • Proper planning is the first step to ensure health and safety practices during construction. The designing phase must also ensure that safety or health issues are ignored. The next step is scheduling and planning. For example, you have to plan in advance whether you’ll need left-hand drill bits on the job site. This ensures that the execution processes are easily understood and executed safely.
Good Practices of House Construction

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