Great Habits to Keep Your Kitchen Neat and Clean

Great habits to keep your kitchen neat and clean

How can you keep your kitchen neat and clean without needing to spend many hours each day cleaning it? These are the practices that we’ve put in place and use regularly.


Be Decisive.

The presence of many things on the counter could make a room appear messy and chaotic. I’m very particular about what goes on our counters. Since we have only a few items on our counters, the entire space appears tidy and clutter-free because I’m careful with the place of these objects. Our counters just have a small coffee maker as well as a decorative jar to store treats for dogs and the adorable bread bowl and a basic wire container for the fresh veggies we have that we have picked from our garden, the succulent and a galvanized container for odds and end frames with photos of our kids and a lit candle. That’s it. Everything is in harmony with the kitchen and works together, making the whole thing flow. All of them are not eye-catching since they are all in the same style (which is the one that matches our house’s design style). If anything else spills onto the countertop, I remove it immediately and place it back in its proper place to prevent a messy mess.


Create an automated system for filing mail.

Mail can accumulate in homes, including countertops or tables, dining tables, and desks. In our homes, when we receive letters from the mailbox, we sort through them and then recycle or file them away immediately. When we implement a mail management system, we keep only crucial documents and discard them after they are no longer required. In the end, we don’t let our papers pile up within our homes.


Remove the Wipes after use.

After you’ve finished cooking food or eating the food, make certain to clean your surfaces. A quick spray or wipe clean is necessary to keep your surfaces free of food debris and germs.


Make sure to run the dishwasher once a day.

I don’t know about you, but our dishwasher is prone to get full quickly. After having breakfast, I wash the dishwasher and empty it just before cooking dinner for everyone. This way, I can clean the dishes leftover from dinner and lunch directly into the dishwasher and go to bed without a thing to wash in the sink.


Make sure that trash is kept out of sight.

The trashcan is often an eye-sore. Some kitchens nowadays incorporate trash containers directly into the cabinets. However, we don’t have that luxury, so we picked a stylish trash can and placed it in our kitchen that is enough for it and far enough away from our kitchen. Make sure you empty the trash container every day and empty it as it can be stinky.


Give everything a home.

Like your entire home, make sure that you provide everything in your kitchen home. If everything has a place to call home, it will be easier to keep a tidy and efficient kitchen as cleaning will be a breeze.


Use storage containers for storage.

I’m a huge admirer and use storage bins in our kitchen. I have a few containers to store food items and cheese in our fridge. The entire pantry is filled with containers for storage to keep the items separate from their food type. The storage containers we have in our kitchen make putting food items away easy and simple.


Keep cleaning supplies close by.

Here are a few things that keep our kitchen spotless: glass cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, garbage disposal cleaner, the steel wool pad, and an all-purpose cleaning product. Each month I spray our countertops with a granite spray to protect and shine. I keep everything I need in our kitchen sink, so I can take them out, give them some spritzes, clean everything clean, and get on my way. I ensure to clean everything at least once per day.

Great Habits to Keep Your Kitchen Neat and Clean

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