Great Organizing Habits of DIYers

Great Organizing Habits of DIYers

If you’re moving to a new house or have owned your house for a long time, you’ve experienced the joys of being a homeowner. When the clutter fills your home, you’re not enjoying it less.

If you’re looking for cheap and fun ways to get your space organized and make your home feel more like home, check out these tips for organizing your home from seasoned DIYers.


Make an adjustable shelf

Rooms can quickly fill up when you’ve got a large number of things you need to keep but no place to store them. A floating shelf can solve this issue by providing more space for clothing accessories, toiletries, and knickknacks in the space you decide to put it. Additionally, by moving things away from closets, corners, and even the floor and closets, you will save space and make the room appear less and less cluttered.


Get your garage organized using pegboards

Garages are notoriously prone to collecting additional garbage. However, if the things you need are difficult to find or your garage appears to be more of an obstacle than a functional space, then installing pegboards could help. With just a few screws and a bit of pressure, you’ll be able to get organized with your tools, household items, and other items that hang on hooks. In addition, it’s recommended that you get a good bucket tool organizer for organizing all your tools while working.


Maximize the space in your shoes

If you have an organizer for shoes but are still looking for extra space to stop falling over your high-heeled shoes as well as work footwear, this useful idea could help. Arranging all of your footwear from heel too, instead of toe-to-toe will allow you to create enough space to store the shoes that don’t get to your closet.


Make sure you save your shopping bags

Do you have a habit of saving bags for grocery shopping so that they can be reused or reused? That’s great! But the problem is that they can be a huge hog in space faster if they’re not properly organized. If you’re tired of dealing with the pile of plastic bags or are getting a little cramped within your cabinet, a tin box can be used as a dispenser for shopping bags.


Keep your items organized using shower rings

Shower rings are great organizers for your kitchen, closet, and other areas in your home. If you’re organizing your collection of necklaces, hanging scarves, hanging them on the wall, or making kitchen tools and dish towels more easily accessible, A set of shower rings will help to make your home appear more organized. The most appealing aspect? They generally cost only the equivalent of a couple of dollars for an entire set.


Turn clutter into the decor

Sometimes, clutter can be used for your benefit. By arranging markers and pens in Mason containers storing old photographs and letters in stylish shoe boxes or adorning the books on your shelf with fresh flowers or framed photos, you can transform every pile of clutter into a beautiful piece of interior decor. If you are planning to dispose of an unwanted item, research ways that the item could be used to create a home with an original, unique look.


Organize your cords

If it’s in the corner behind your TV or inside the drawer of one, there’s a high possibility that you’ve got a cord monster lurking. For longer and more extensive cords, you can store them in roll-up paper towels to make them more organized and more easily accessible. You can use twist-ties or binder clips for TV and smaller cords to keep them neat.

Great Organizing Habits of DIYers

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