Great Traits & Habits of Top Machinists

Great traits & habits of top machinists

When we ask you to list the personality traits or traits that make a good firefighter, you could respond with answers such as “brave,” “caring,” or “fast-thinker.” If we wanted you to describe a salesperson, you could respond with “friendly,” “persuasive,” or “slick.”

What is the term “machinist? If we asked you to write about their personality traits and characteristics, would you be able to complete the task quickly or require a bit of thought? Maybe a potential machinist likes to play with screwdrivers or tap and die sets? Perhaps you have many of the same traits as a skilled machinist, but you might not even know that…

So the main problem is what personality traits and characteristics make successful machinists?



Machinists can live and die in fractions of centimeters and inches in terms of accuracy. For machinists to make complex car parts, including HVAC equipment, aeronautical components, and many other items, precision is essential. People who pay attention to detail and are driven to achieve perfection typically are successful as machinists. Attention to detail is essential to operate the most expensive and dangerous machines and create top-of-the-line products according to specifications.



An analytical mindset can gather information shortly and efficiently and analyze the information to help make the right decision. With curiosity as the drive, analytical thinkers can investigate the fundamental reasons behind processes and comprehend the way systems work. For analytics engineers, these characteristics are essential because they can utilize these traits to develop innovative solutions to difficult issues.


Creative Problem Solving

When it comes to machining, issues are encountered almost every day. It could be that you are operating an unintentional set-up or programmed correctly by an employee, or you’re required to modify the machine to just the right settings (the speed of feed, the rpm and depth-of-cut, and so on.) to create an item. Whatever the situation, problem-solving with creativity is required. It involves looking at the entire machine, pinpointing the root of the issue, and then brainstorming possible solutions to develop an action plan for tackling the issue. Because problem-solving through creativity can be a lengthy, tedious process, a lot of patience is required.



As was mentioned earlier about creativity in problem-solving, patience is an essential requirement for all machine operators. When creating complex pieces, solving a code issue, or creating complex schematics, patience, perseverance, tolerance, and persistence are required. Every experienced machinist will inform you that the most effective lessons are typically acquired through failures and trial-and-error and can prove difficult initially. Through perseverance and concentration (along with a great ability to laugh), most machinists can meet their goals and produce the right pieces and components.



To become a proficient machinist, you have to take care and take pride in your work, with prideful characteristics that you want to do the very best job you can. You are able to feel a sense of satisfaction when you have completed an assignment with precision. It also lets you completely embrace your job as a machine operator and improve your skills, processes, and overall workmanship.


How Do You Know whether a student is a good Machinist?

After looking at the most crucial characteristics that machinists have (though there are many more), what can instructors determine if their students have these abilities?

In general, students who are interested in the sciences and maths like science typically have the abilities. They also are independently-minded, solving issues without the assistance of others students or teachers. They are also adept at analyzing complex problems (such as word puzzles or problems) and presenting innovative solutions. Some of them prefer to work on their own and find solutions that they need, without the pressure of a larger group to hinder their progress.

Great Traits & Habits of Top Machinists

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