Keeping Your Garage Organized

Keeping your garage organized

Garage organization is a unique issue. How do you tie together cars, toys, sports equipment, tools, beach chairs, and cleaning products all in one place?

Every household has things stored in their garages that they shouldn’t. In general, garages are full of everything and become the family’s “dumping area.” If you’ve amassed tons of clutter, you’re not the only one. Take heart, there’s a good chance that is that your garage isn’t to do with what professional organizers have observed while organizing garages for clients, including dead and living animals, food items that have gone bad, photos that have been damaged due to moisture and termite-infested furniture which did not make it to the landfill–the list could go on and on.

Before you begin the organization process, it is essential to have the proper tools available. Get the following tools:

  • Bags for trash that are heavy-duty
  • A broom or a powerful vacuum such as a shop vacuum
  • A catch-all basket to hold oddities and ends


Organize Garage Clutter

Perform a simple cleaning and give your floor a thorough clean using a broom or shop vacuum. Be sure to look for:

  • Small objects that are scattered around the floor
  • Staining with chemical or oil
  • Cobwebs
  • There is evidence of winged or furry creatures that might have found a home in your home

When you’re cleaning, start the process of decluttering by throwing away all items you are aware of immediately in the garbage. This way, you don’t have to deal with it during the decluttering/decision-making phase of what to toss and keep. Like any other organizing task, you must clear your home of clutter before you can begin organizing, which means you have to divide items into categories you are used to:

  • Toss
  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Trash

The experts suggest that clients remove everything from the room and separate it into zones. This can help you determine what you own, which includes what’s damaged and what you’ve outgrown, and what’s not being used. A driveway is an ideal location for this. If you’re not sure if there’s enough space for dividing and conquering, consider creating garage zones. Choose a corner in the garage as a starting point or select a specific kind of object and begin to declutter gradually.

Undecided which option to throw away garbage or give away an object? Consider how long ago it was since you actually utilized this.


Organize the Garage Into Zones

Because so many different items are kept in garages, the three pros suggest organizing the garage in zones. Start by separating similar things with like ones.

Organize your items in the following areas:

  • Car accessories (windshield wiper, fluid antifreeze, etc.)
  • Sports equipment
  • Tools
  • Recycle center

Begin with the four basic zones and work to the other side from the top. Once you’ve got everything organized, start assessing the amount of area each zone is expected to take up and then make plans accordingly. For instance, if, for example, you require the creation of a “beach gear zone,” it is easy to design one once you’ve collected all of your beach equipment and are aware of the amount of space it will require.


Plan Garage Storage

Review the storage space in your garage and then store items in their appropriate places. Here are a few easy (and cost-free) methods to increase the room in the garage:

  • Make use of vertical space.
  • Utilize what you have or invest in the correct items
  • Be sure that dangerous objects (chemicals and tools) are kept in an unlocked cabinet when children live in the home.

If you plan your garage storage space, do not purchase an organizing system only to install it and test if it can accommodate everything. Instead, opt for a moderate approach to planning your storage. Start with basic garage organizers, such as shelves and a wrench organizer. Begin with the basics and expand according to your needs.


Maintain Garage Organization

The final step is to keep the organizing process going by conducting one quick sweep every so often as you’ll need to, be it the season, monthly, or even every week. The best way to organize your garage is to organize your garage every two years.

Garages are areas that get a lot of traffic, so the more frequently you manage this area and the more time it’ll require. As experts say, when an area has been organized, it won’t take the same amount of time to tidy it up.

Keeping Your Garage Organized

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